Stack Overflow Parser (28 Days of Hacking: Day 20)

Today I decided to rethink a project I started working on a bit ago. My goal is to create a Python code generator, based on various snippets I can extract from online. I have multiple processes that perform crawling and processing tasks. I currently have about 10 gigs of code that I have yet to come up with a good (as in safe) way to run and test each snippet. After this, I will probably have to massage the pieces of code that didn't run, and then profile the ones that did. Well today I started working on the code testing piece. I spin up a VM and run the code on it, report the results back, then revert the VM to a snapshot. Before I work on getting all the code running, I need to write a script to install any modules that the code may import. I have a feeling this step will reduce the amount of code by a lot.